I have a thing for women, femslash, animals, and food.

I write fics for people so go ahead and ask for something.
Ships include
Doccubus, CopDoc, Xena/Gabrielle, MirAndy,J/&, JJ/Emily, Paily, Bering and Wells, Kate/Magnus, and others.
If it's not on the list let me know anyway and I'll still work something out for you.

25th May 2014

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the question is who in your otp is the enthusiastic parent that cheers way too loudly at soccer games

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10th March 2013

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have you ever loved a character so much that thinking about them is like getting repeatedly hit in the chest with an elephant 

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2nd October 2012

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Breaks my heart every time. T_T

T_______________T She’s like “where mah boo?!”

Dear Andy,

Andy is a total idiot. I mean, just look at Miranda. She’s visibly upset, searching for her Andrea. Argh, mah heart bleeds. T_T

I really like how Anne Hathaway has said she, herself, would never just walk out on someone like that. It think that was the biggest flaw of the script. I know they did it as a shock, to pace the story or something lame, but it makes no sense. That is not the Andy we saw through the rest of the movie. That Andy would never abandon someone like that. Quit, yes. Just turn her back and walk out? No.

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9th June 2012

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Anon Request: Patty/Ellen, Miranda/Andy. Patty and Miranda do NOT want to go on a double date with the girlfriends.

Well. Isn’t this just the most perfect gif set I have ever seen! *_*

I know, right?! I love the timing of that “Miranda checking out Andy’s behind” gif :D :D It’s just entirely perfect from start to finish!!!!!!

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Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?