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I write fics for people so go ahead and ask for something.
Ships include
Doccubus, CopDoc, Xena/Gabrielle, MirAndy,J/&, JJ/Emily, Paily, Bering and Wells, Kate/Magnus, and others.
If it's not on the list let me know anyway and I'll still work something out for you.

11th July 2014

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is it me or does Lauren from Lost girl and Rachel from Orphan Black have the same lingerie. The gray one with the lace. Lauren seduces Evony in it and Rachel tops Paul.

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5th July 2014

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Lost Girl panel at Fantasy Con day 2. Thanks to TownsendAtlas

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23rd June 2014

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Exclusive: "Lost Girl" unreleased extra features Zoie Palmer →


A little taste of the fourth season DVD, which comes out Tuesday.

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25th May 2014

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This weekend I met Ming Na and she high fived me! My hand will forever have the power of the saviour of China! I also finally met Ksenia Solo so I am one signature closer to having the entire Lost Girl cast’s signatures. This weekend was so much fun and I still have one more day!

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25th March 2014

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Vote Bo and Lauren in zimbio’s tv couple march madness.

Lets win this for all gay ladies everywhere!!!! Vote doccubus!!!!

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31st July 2013

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Okay so Jaime Murray, Zoie Palmer, and Lucy Lawless will be at DragonCon. How many of you guys are going? We should have a fangirl meetup. Hit me up if you’re going and want to meet up.

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10th February 2013

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I constantly regret not moving to Canada but never does it hurt as much as it does on Lost Girl Sundays!!!!

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10th February 2013

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28th January 2013

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There is a rumor that something other than Doccubus porn happened on Lost Girl. Is this true Canada?

Tagged: Lost GirlDoccubusthere are other characters in that show right?my dash had a Doccubus explosion.

20th January 2013

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Oh Canada, there are so many reasons I wish I was in you, same sex marriage, free healthcare, your bacon, but right now I wish was in you so I could drown in the beauty that is Doccubus.

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14th January 2013

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Holy Doccubus! That scene in Lost Girl WOW!

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7th January 2013

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I have mixed feelings about #LostGirl but mostly I am squeeing everywhere because Bo&Lauren and girlfriend but then she goes all Dark Willow

I mean she is all set and loving to her and then the guy in the ally but really, I’m just trying to recover from the ”uniforms”

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9th October 2012

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13th September 2012

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16th August 2012

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Claudia Donovan and Kenzi - References to the cult film ‘Heathers’. 

It would have been boss if the girls who played the “Heathers” were the same actors in both shows.

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Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?