I have a thing for women, femslash, animals, and food.

I write fics for people so go ahead and ask for something.
Ships include
Doccubus, CopDoc, Xena/Gabrielle, MirAndy,J/&, JJ/Emily, Paily, Bering and Wells, Kate/Magnus, and others.
If it's not on the list let me know anyway and I'll still work something out for you.

9th September 2012

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By the way, if you are new here, and wondering why in fuck I’m suddenly posting fic, its because lovely followers have voted for Bering and Wells in this poll. (Note, you can only vote once an hour from a single IP adress)

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27th June 2012

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Jo and Jaime are in the After Ellen Top 100! →





Jo’s 88 and Jaime’s 47.

i snorted at how much higher jaime is than joanne.

It’s cause (and I mean this with nothing but love for Jaime) Jaime is an attention whore. ;) Joanne really doesn’t like the limelight from all interviews I’ve read. *shrugs*

But it’s cool they’re both on there. :D

oh she is SUCH an attention whore

^^That is one of the reasons that we love her.

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27th June 2012

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Am I the only one who can’t open the link for AfterEllen Hot 100?




Not happy about it!

me neither

was totally broken when i tried earlier today

No you are not! I only know who got #1 but I want to see the rest! UGH!

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Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?